To improve healthcare outcomes across the world by tracking, protecting and documenting temperature sensitive specimens and therapeutics across the supply chain.

Thaddeus Medical Supply was born to reduce the costs of wasteful transportation inherent in moving vital biomaterial around the world. Through patented technology and thoughtful innovation, our iQ+-ler and SmartSleeve bring an evolutionary step to cost-effective Active Cold-Chain Shipping. Capable of maintaining multiple temperature ranges and real-time tracking, specimen condition is traced via APP and quality/security are assured through updates to the cloud.

Making Cold-chain A
seamless experience

Thaddeus, Inc. was born to close the gap between quality and cost while providing a fully integrated cold chain packaging solution. By reducing material and labour cost, and minimizing exposure to human error, Thaddeus converts shippers of temperature sensitive products from the unreliable 'cardboard and ice' passive solution towards a smart 'data-driven'  active solution that increases product protection and streamlines supply chain processes.